Ona Treatment Center

Ona Treatment Center is a dual-diagnosis residential and detox treatment program for those who seek recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders. Utilizing an evidence-based, clinical program following the guidelines set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), our detox and 28-day dual-diagnosis residential treatment program provides clients with the skills they need as they embark on their path to a life free from alcohol and substance use disorders. At Ona, compassionate, highly qualified, and trained personnel work with clients through individual and group counseling. Counseling sessions focus first on substance abuse and relapse prevention education, followed by a detailed and comprehensive recovery and discharge plan. Clients will find healing through mind, body, and spirit wellness. Our approach is custom designed to meet each individual’s needs. Meals and snacks are prepared by talented chefs with a focus on honoring each client’s dietary preferences.

Our Mission

The mission of Ona Treatment Center is to bring men and women out of the dark and isolated cloud of addiction so they can return to their necessary work, lives, and families with a path to live free from the bondage of alcohol and substance use disorders.

Our Goal

The goal of Ona Treatment Center is to service those seeking a safe detox opportunity, eliminating alcohol and substances in a dual-diagnosis top of the line safe, peaceful, healing facility.

Our Location

Ona Treatment Center is located in Northern California on 250-acres of tranquil property, perfect for meditation, contemplation and exercise. Our secluded facility is the perfect place to find counseling, peace and introspection as our clients ready themselves to reunite with their families, lives and careers.